Main areas of use

  • Foundry moulds
  • Tools used in rubber, aluminium, wood and plastic industries
  • Printing industry
  • Car and other vehicle manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Building industry

Moduls, other cleaned surfaces and machine lifetimes will be extended, as dry ice does not damage or corrode surfaces.

Contamination types to be tackled with dry ice :

Tar Wax
Oil, Grease Printing ink
Bitumen Silicon
Solvents Paints and lacquers
Corrosion Food combustion


Cleaning of wood lathes

Cleaning time approx 5 min.

Cleaning of spot-welding machine

Cleaning time approx 7 min


The biggest advantage of this technology is that no cleaning agent is necessary; and for cleaning machines, tools do not need to be disassembled .

Tar remains Cleaning of motor in the chemical industry
Oil, grease, printing ink Cleaning of a printing machine
Soot Cleaning of an industrial robot
Glue Cleaning of a bookbinding machine


Pastry leftovers, cooking contamination
food industry moulds
Removal of bitumen from information display at an Oil Refinery Removal of several layers of paint in a paint chamber
Cleaning of a plastic modul Cleaning of a cylinder head more photos »

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